Looking to sell your vehicle? We are interested!

At Wolfe Cadillac Calgary, we are always looking for quality preowned vehicles. That's right, we will make you an offer to purchase your vehicle.

Is your vehicle a 2010 to current model year? We are interested in making you an offer to purchase it! Any car, any make, any model. We are connected to our Wolfe Automotive Group family and are prepared to get you top dollar for your vehicle. You don't even have to purchase a new one!

We will professionally appraise your vehicle on site at Wolfe Cadillac Calgary, and present you with an offer to purchase. Enjoy our stress free, easy process to sell your vehicle.

Benefits of selling your vehicle to Wolfe Cadillac Calgary

  • You won't have to take the time to advertise your vehicle on marketplace listing sites.
  • You will get paid quickly and efficiently.
  • You won't need to deal with organizing time out of your busy life to sell your car.

Schedule your appointment for a complimentary appraisal today!

  • Fill in the details below about your vehicle and we will contact you to bring your vehicle in to be appraised. When you get to our store, our team will properly assess the value of your vehicle.
  • Get an offer for your vehicle within 24 hours.
  • The offer will be valid for 3 days for you to decide if you'd like to sell your vehicle to Wolfe Cadillac Calgary.

Selling your vehicle to us, makes the process easy, quick and most importantly safe.

Book your appointment to get started!

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